About Nero Espresso Company

Established in 2013, the journey of Nero began long before its initial launch. Owner Steve began working in the hospitality industry 17 years ago, with a passion for incredible, authentic experience. Steve’s drive was to glean and learn from some of the best in the industry and establish himself amongst some of the greats. After years of working in the background of establishments across Perth, he felt it was time for him to launch himself into his own space and create something he was passionate about for himself.

Nero was founded upon the belief that good coffee isn’t inevitable, with the idea that ‘just because you are apart of the “third wave” coffee movement, does not mean that the way you roast and brew your beans is pure, authentic and tasty.

One of the core values of the company is to source as many products locally as possible. The beans themselves are sourced from overseas farms in South America, South East Asia, and India. Steve hand produces every product that they sell with absolute care and attention to detail, including roasting the cacao beans in-house, sourcing and creating all the elements for their turmeric powder, along with roasting the coffee beans in their roasting house in Fremantle.

Nero’s coffees are dark roasted coffees. This brings out different flavour profiles to the often found light roasted coffees in most coffee shops these days. You will find a deeper, richer profile with more chocolate, caramel tones. Dark roasting is a more traditional form of coffee roasting, which removes the high acidic taste and gives a smoother, longer finish to your coffees. He is passionate about each of his coffees being at their prime whether they are used as espressos, milk coffees, aero press, pour overs and any other brewing method.

When starting Nero more than five years ago, Steve saw a surge beginning amongst home brewers. He could see the trend with companies like Nespresso taking off and he knew that this is where coffee was headed. He researched, roasted and trialed, creating his own pods which fit in the Nespresso machines, to give home users access to incredible coffee within their own home.

Nero sells reusable stainless steel Nespresso compatible pods, which allows customers to enjoy any blend or single origin at home. After 6-8 months and over 50 different trials, they are now serving 16 different pod blends.

Steve’s vision for Nero is not to take over the world, but to create slow and steady growth and education to coffee drinkers across the board. He is passionate about everyone being able to access incredible coffee, no matter the way that you brew or drink it. Nero is committed to carefully and intentionally crafting coffee that you enjoy and remember

The first step to living like an Emperor is drinking great coffee – get in touch with us today.